“After few sessions, not only did my chronic back pain go away, but my insomnia disappeared as well as my seasonal allergies which I have had for my entire life! I was sceptical before I started but now I would recommend chiropractic to everyone.” D.

“Marsha offers much more than chiropractic. She looks beyond my back pain to issues affecting my overall health and well being. Her combination of chiropractic, active release therapy, massage and nutrition tips , is highly effective. Her caring, non-judgemental style makes visits to her office a pleasure. After 6 weeks of treatment, I’m pain free and feeling myself again. She is one of the best.” L.W.

"At the end of the day,I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for being ot only a great Chiropractor but for being just an amazing person who clearly demonstrates your compassion and enthusiasm to support your patient’s health and well-being.  I know it is only a matter of time until I get back to my old self, as I am light years from where I was when I first met you." M.Z.

"Chiropractic has benefited me in many ways. The coughing is very tiring and draining.  I feel more alert, and less likely to get colds.  These symptoms are terribly annoying to those around me, and since Chiropractic I am a nicer person to be around.  Similarly, I am healthier and more alert, and I save money because I buy less medication." F.S.

"I really believe that I am a better person since going for Chiropracitc care I have tone of energy; I am almost always in a good mood (big changes there).  I have more time to be caring to others since I’m not always thinking about myself.  I am more mobile which has helped me to lose 10 lbs in the last few weeks.  I am taking a course to upgrade my career which I have been planning on doing for the past few years but never seemed to have the energy to do." L.L.

"I do office work with considerable amount of time spent on the computer and on the phone.  Before Chiropractic I had sciatica, a stiff neck and numbness in arms.  My sciatica was severe enough to prevent sleeping for more than 2-3 hours.  The resulting sleep deprivation and frequent pain made me very anxious and stressed.  Medication caused nausea and did not improve the symptoms at all.  I began care with Dr. Black on April 21st, 2005, and I on the road to recovery-almost symptom free." M.V.

"I was in terrible pain.  I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel and arthritis.  My fingers were swollen and my entire body in general was also hurting.  After a few treatments, I saw improvement.  As I continued with my treatments my pain was gone and my fingers went back to normal.  I highly recommend Chiropractic treatments for anyone who suffers with pain." A.K.